Donald Trump is Bad for America

The office of the president should be the pinnacle of achievement in the United States. We hold it up as a lofty goal for our children to strive for. "Anyone can be president" we tell them but implicit in that telling is the education, the wisdom, and the moral character we requied to fill it.

We have elected a president whose ideology is steeped in the vile concepts of whiteness and nationalism, who proclaims brown people rapists and murders, black people AIDS ridden living in huts or from "shithole countries", defends abusers, has in his own words committed sexual assualt, and publicly embraces modern day Nazis as "very fine people". There is no question that Donald Trump is Bad for America.

Editorial Cartoons Tell the Tale

Don't believe us. Just look at what the editorial staff cartoonists think.
Even they overwhelmingly think that Donald Trump is bad for America.

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